Press Release

Pakistan Thailand can collaborate in agriculture,

There is a good scope of collaboration between Pakistan and Thailand in agriculture and hospitality industry as Pakistan is an agrarian country while Thailand’s agriculture sector has registered robust growth and contributed heavily in exports.

This was stated by the LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid during meeting with government officials of Thailand and speaking at supreme business forums.

Chairman of the Federation of Thail Industries Chen Namchaisiri Chairman, Dr. Boonpeng Santiwattanatam, Somyod Tangmeelarp, Achana Limpaitoon, Mingpant Chaya, Ms. Kultida Charoensawad, Chartchai Singhadeja, Manus Aree, Theeraphat Kaosaiyanant, Ms. Duangchai Oden, Parinya Ketkam, Panit Sricheewachart, Ms. Wareerat Chansoontorn Analyyst, Ms. Nuntanut Kumponkanjana International Business Development Manager, Somchai Muyjeen Manager, Petrochemical Industry Club and members of the LCCI delegation also spoke on the occasion.

The LCCI President said that private sectors of the two countries must forward to each other and establish long term partnership to reap fruit of huge potential in two countries. He said that this collaboration would help share and technology transfer to Pakistani agriculture sector.

With aim to attract investors of Thailand, Malik Tahir Javaid said that economy of Pakistan is growing steadily and its consumer market is developing rapidly. He said that Pakistan is emerging as trade, energy and transport corridor in Asia and this advantage makes Pakistan a destination full of opportunities.

Pakistan is strategically located. It is a gateway to the oil & mineral resources rich Central Asian Republics and is also a member of SAARC which together make up a market of 1.5 billion people. It is also close to the Gulf countries and African horn. Any investment made in Pakistan will find market in these countries.

He said World Economic Forum has declared Pakistan better than India as an emerging economy. He said that GDP growth reached to 5.3% in previous year while it expected that it would be around 6% at the end of ongoing year.

The LCCI President said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will change the destiny of Pakistan, as the two countries are taking ahead the project to its next stages successfully. He said that today the world was focusing eyes on Pakistan besides terming it as an ideal country for foreign investment.

He urged the businessmen of both countries should join hands to give new height to their respective economies.  He said that Pakistan also offers lot of opportunities for foreign investors in the form of joint ventures with Pakistani counterparts.

The LCCI President said that Thailand has highly advanced industries such as electrical appliances, computers, televisions, integrated circuits, textiles & garments, furniture, plastics. It is the second largest tungsten producer and third largest producer of tin. Thai investors can relocate some of these industries in Pakistan.

The LCCI delegation members Shahid Nazir, Muhammad Wasim, Haseeb Khawar, Shabbir Bhatti, Malik Muhammad Islam, Muhammad Farooq, Mian Faisal Majeed and Muhammad Arshad Bhatti also had B-2-B meetings with their counterparts.