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LCCI worried over unscheduled outages & encroachments

Executive Committee of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in its first meeting on Tuesday, has expressed concern on the issues of unscheduled load shedding & encroachments and urged the Punjab government  to find out a sustainable solution.

The LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid presided over the meeting while Vice President Zeshan Khalil and Executive Committee Members also spoke on the occasion.

The LCCI President said that unscheduled power outages are hitting the industrial production hard. He said that how industrialists can plan production schedule when they are blank about the availability of electricity. He said that since electricity is a major raw material for the industries therefore its availability in bits and pieces is of no use to the industries. He said that all industrial processes need continuous power supply and a little break in it spoils the entire process.

Malik Tahir Javaid said that Pakistan had already lost a number of international markets and exports are stagnant while new longer power cuts are further aggravating the situation. He said that uninterrupted power supply is only way to achieve economic targets for the current financial year. 

The Executive Committee members said that encroachment is another area that should be focused seriously. They urged the Punjab government to launch campaign against encroachments in consultation with the stakeholders as it is not only creating hurdles for smooth flow of traffic but is also adding to the cost of doing business.

They said that a hurdle-free movement of vehicle is a must for timely delivery of goods. They also stressed the need for construction of parking plazas in and around the city markets so that the shoppers and the businessmen could conduct their respective activities with a peace of mind. They said that parking plazas are direly needed in the city to avoid haphazard parking of vehicles that often causes accidents.

They Executive Committee also urged the FBR to release stuck refunds as this very fact is creating cash flow problems for the manufacturing sector.

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