Press Release

Stop Raids at Business Premises by the Tax Officials

Vice President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Faheem-ur-Rehman Saigal has said that raids and misuse of discretionary powers by the tax officials are not only giving a big blow to the business activities but are also hampering the efforts for improving the tax-to-GDP ratio.

While talking to a delegation of All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association, led by its President Ahad Ameen Malik, the LCCI Vice President said that the businesses cannot run, revenue of the government cannot be increased until and unless respect to the taxpayers is ensured.

He said that raids at business premises & markets and harassment measures by the staff of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) are not only adding to the miseries of the business community but are also promoting trust deficit between the government and the business community therefore government should take immediate notice of the situation.

“It takes years to win reputation that goes into the drain in a matter of minutes when tax officials conduct raid on a business center therefore it should be the last option, not the first one”, Faheem-ur-Rehman Saigal added and said that harassment to the traders should be stopped immediately otherwise it will cause capital flight and closure of businesses.

APPMA delegation said that raids, withholding tax, turn over tax, sales tax and heavy utility bills have made almost impossible for the traders to run businesses. 

Member of the delegation Khamis Saeed Butt informed the LCCI Vice President that a man Syed Asif Ali Bukhari has eaten-up Rs. 300 million of the traders of Gunpat Road and Urdu Bazar through fraudulent act. The criminal is in the police custody but amount still not be recovered. The LCCI Vice President urged the top police officials to ensure early recovery.