Information Department

Its main objective is to bring out publications on behalf of the LCCI, to keep its members fully informed of activities at LCCI through the “Lahore Chamber News” being posted to all the members twice a month (fortnightly). The Department also publishes Annual Report, Member’s List and a Classified Directory of its members.The Information Department also issues press releases of day-to-day activities at Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It also arranges special supplements on the occasion of important functions. On May 15, 2007, on the occasion of LCCI Achievement Awards, the Information Department arranged as many as 16 special supplements in all the leading newspapers which itself is a record.

The Information Department also has a production House . The Production House prepares DVs of all the events at the LCCI and then sends the same to all TV Channels so that they could air it by incorporating the news in the daily news coverage

Tariff (Lahore Chamber News)

OVERALL SIZE: 27.5 CM X 20.0 CM          PRINT AREA: 25 CM X 18 CM NO. OF COLUMNS (3)

Panel Non- Members Members
Single Column X 5 CM Rs. 2100 1800
Single Column X 10 CM Rs. 4200 3500
Double Column Size X 5 CM Rs. 4200 3500
Double Column Size X 10CM Rs. 8300 7000
Three Column X 5 CM            Rs. 6200 5200


Per Column Rates

Description  Members Non Members
Half Page B&W Rs. 10,000 13,000
Full Page B&W Rs. 17,000 23,000
Inside Colour Half Page Rs. 14,000 15,000
Inside Colour Full Page Rs. 26,000 30,000
Title Panel Colour 5cm x 18cm Rs. 20,000 25,000
Inside Title Colour Full Page Rs. 35,000 40,000
Full Back Page Title 18cm x 25cm Rs. 50,000 60,000

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Humayun Sardar
Manager Advertisement

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