Press Release

LCCI president meets CEO Lahore Expo Center

CEO, Expo Centre Maryam Khawar called on LCCI President Kashif Anwar to discuss possibilities to enhance cooperation between two organizations. She proposed joint ventures with LCCI for Global Village like projects where Expo Centre would provide space and LCCI make the arrangements and event. She said the Pak Expo centre is an authority which constructs, develops, maintains and provides space for events.

'We have already acquired space for the Expo centre in Quetta and a boundary wall has been constructed around the acquired land, In Peshawar, in collaboration with Sarhad Chamber, an expo centre has been 75 percent completed' she said adding that relatively small expo centers in Multan and Faisalabad are in the pipeline.

Maryam said the expo center wants to facilitate the business community and we have not increased our rates since 2010, just a small increase of 10 percent has been added in the rates due to covid and inactivity of expo centers due to the maintenance work caused by the government decision to turn expo into a hospital and the facility was deteriorated.

She said the expo is booked for 2023 also and we are taking bookings for 2024 now. The LCCI President Kashif Anwar said that LCCI is ready to Cooperate for the big events like Lahore food festival which is already in a planning phase, the two teams one each of LCCI and expo center could sit together and plan something in this regards.

The CEO expo proposed a textile museum in the expo center and sought cooperation from LCCI. The President LCCI agreed and said LCCI will put all our out efforts to make this project a success.