Press Release

SNGPL urges commercial consumers to sign RLNG contracts

The SNGPL has urged the commercial consumers to sign RLNG contracts. During a meeting at LCCI, the SNGPL team highlighted that over 6,000 commercial consumers have already signed RLNG contracts while more are in the offing. The team informed that in case of non-signing of RLNG contracts, SNGPL may not be able to supply gas to commercial consumers in order to ensure gas supply to domestic sector.

The team said that such commercial consumers who are currently on indigenous gas and signing the RLNG contracts, will be provided indigenous gas during or by end of March 2023. “No additional security will be charged from such commercial consumers which are being converted from indigenous Gas to RLNG during the winter season” and that the gas bills will be issued on weekly basis.

Additionally the consumers with nil gas consumption will not be required to pay the weekly bills, provided they have furnished affidavit to this extent to SNGPL. The situation is such that indigenous supplies are insufficient for domestic consumers and significant amounts of RLNG are being diverted to domestic consumers, according to SNGPL officials, the indigenous gas supplies were continuously decreasing since last several years.