Press Release

LCCI extends invitation to political parties

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has taken a proactive step in addressing Pakistan's economic challenges by sending an invitation to the heads of all political parties. The invitation, sent in the form of a letter, requests their presence at the LCCI to participate in a comprehensive discussion on the crucial topic of the Charter of Economy. In their letter, the President of LCCI, Kashif Anwar, highlighted the daunting economic challenges facing the nation and underscores the urgent need for consistency in economic policies.

LCCI firmly believes that a unified approach is imperative for dealing with these challenges and transitioning towards sustainable economic growth, said Kashif Anwar, adding that in order to address these concerns, LCCI has formulated a draft of the Charter of Economy, which serves as a guiding framework for economic governance. The aim of this charter is to establish a minimum agenda that all political parties can include in their respective manifestos. By doing so, it ensures a level of consistency and continuity in economic policies, regardless of which party forms the government.

President LCCI said the Charter of Economy is designed to create a working consensus among political parties on key economic issues. It provides a set of guidelines for policy formation and implementation, addressing areas such as fiscal management, investment promotion, job creation, trade and commerce, and social welfare. By establishing a shared understanding and commitment to these principles, it aims to foster stability and predictability in economic decision-making, which is crucial for attracting domestic and foreign investment.

He said that the objective of this invitation is to provide an opportunity for political leaders to share their views on the Charter of Economy and contribute to its development. The LCCI values their input and insights, as it believes that a collaborative approach is essential in shaping effective economic policies.

The invitation demonstrates LCCI's commitment to fostering dialogue and inclusiveness in economic decision-making. By actively seeking the involvement of political parties, the LCCI aims to create a platform for constructive discussions on economic issues. This collaborative effort will enable a diverse range of perspectives to be considered, leading to a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to economic governance.

As Pakistan grapples with economic challenges, the initiative taken by LCCI highlights the importance of collaboration and consensus-building between the private sector and political leaders said Kashif Anwar adding this dialogue sets the stage for productive discussions that can pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous economic future for the country.