Press Release

Strong ties between LCCI and Chinese Consulate fostered

In a significant display of friendship and diplomatic goodwill, the Chinese Consul General in Lahore, Zhao Shiren, emphasized the robust and enduring relationship between the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Chinese Consulate. During his visit to the LCCI Zhao Shiren reaffirmed his commitment to fostering common interests and nurturing these invaluable relations.

The occasion was marked by a fruitful conversation between Chinese Consul General Zhao Shiren and the President LCCI, Kashif Anwar. Office bearers and EC members were also present. As a symbol of the strengthened ties, Zhao Shiren cordially invited President Kashif Anwar to visit the Chinese Consul General, an invitation that was warmly accepted with President LCCI expressing his eagerness to lead a delegation to the Chinese Consulate in Lahore shortly.

Zhao Shiren underscored the pivotal role played by LCCI in the welfare and prosperity of the business community in Lahore and Punjab. He commended President Kashif Anwar for his tireless efforts in disseminating vital information regarding economy to the business community, aiding in their growth and development.

He also appointed the Commercial Counselor of Chinese Consulate Yan Yang as the focal person between the LCCI and Chinese Consulate.

The Chinese Consul General also said that a reading room in LCCI premises was established with the assistance of the Chinese Consul General which aimed at promoting a better understanding of Chinese culture. This initiative underscores the commitment to bilateral engagement on equal footing, enhancing cultural exchange between the two nations.

During his visit, Zhao Shiren personally inspected the reading room, appreciating the strides made in promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

 Additionally, the Chinese Consul General paid a visit to LCCI's one-window service, where he applauded LCCI's tireless efforts in facilitating the business community. The one-window service has been pivotal in streamlining processes for businesses, reducing bureaucratic hurdles, and fostering a more conducive environment for economic growth.

President Kashif Anwar expressed his delight over the strong and burgeoning relations between LCCI and China. He extended a warm invitation to the Chinese Consul and Ambassador to engage more frequently with LCCI and explore further avenues of cooperation. He also announced LCCI's intention to celebrate the Chinese National Day, signifying the deepening friendship between the two entities.

Kashif Anwar said that this visit by the Chinese Consul General serves as a testament to the enduring partnership between Pakistan and China, with Lahore's business community, playing a pivotal role in fostering economic ties and cultural understanding.

He said both countries continue to strengthen their bonds, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry remains at the forefront, facilitating trade and cooperation between Pakistan and China for mutual benefit and prosperity. The upcoming celebration of the Chinese National Day at LCCI serves as poignant symbols of this ever-growing partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and shared objectives.