Press Release

DGTO directive LCCI withdraws Election Schedule

While following the directives of the office of the Directorate General of Trade Organizations, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has withdrawn the Election Schedule 2023 issued on September 8, 2023. The DGTO directive reads “it is confirmed that Honorable Islamabad High Court in C.M. No. 1/2023 in Writ Petition NO. 2226/2023 has suspended the operation of the impugned order of the Regulator TOs dated 07-07-2023.

Since, office of the Regulator (TOs) under Rule 18 sub Rule 7 is the final forum of appeal in all election matters of all TOs and in view of suspension of operation of Regulator (TOs order dated 07-07-2023. Regulator (TOs) would not be able to entertain and decide any appeal as long as the stay order of Honorable Islamabad High Court is in place, meaning thereby, election would not be possible till final order on stay order of Honorable Islamabad High Court.”