Press Release

LCCI Chief happy with Cotton sector’s revival

Cotton sector of Pakistan can play a critical role in economic development and poverty alleviation provided the government forms sustainable and supportive policies with the consultation of stakeholders. In a message on World Cotton Day, President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kashif Anwar said that it is a good sign that Pakistan’s cotton sector has made a remarkable recovery after suffering massive losses due to last year’s devastating floods and around 71 percent surge has been recorded in cotton production. He said that the credit goes to the Federal Commerce Minister Gohar Ejaz, Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi and Punjab Minister for Energy, Industries, Commerce, Investment & Skills Development SM Tanveer for making serious efforts for the revival of cotton sector.

The LCCI President added that the cotton is the primary raw material of textile sector which contributes about 60 percent to the overall exports of the country. He said that cotton, often referred to as "white gold," is an essential crop that forms the backbone of our textile industry, supporting the livelihoods of millions of people across Pakistan.

He said that shocking rains during last year triggered flash flood, destroying people’s houses and farmlands across much of the country.

LCCI President said that it was a matter of concern that the production of cotton has witnessed a sharp decline, dropping from 8.3 million bales in the 2021-22 season to 4.9 million bales in the 2022-23 season. But now it has been registering a noteable improvement.

He said that cotton is not merely a commodity; it is a lifeline for our textile industry, which is a significant contributor to our national economy. The decline in cotton production impacts not only our farmers but also the entire value chain, including textile mills, exporters, and allied industries. It is imperative that we work collectively to revitalize this crucial sector and improve the overall economic landscape of our nation.

Kashif Anwar said that to enhance cotton production, we need to focus on adopting modern agricultural practices, utilizing advanced technologies, promoting research and development, providing access to quality seeds, and offering financial support to our farmers. Additionally, fostering an enabling environment that encourages innovation and sustainability in cotton farming is paramount.

He added that our collective efforts to bolster the cotton sector will not only lead to increased production but also contribute to achieving self-sufficiency and economic security for our nation. As stakeholders, let us join hands to promote the cultivation of cotton and invest in sustainable agricultural practices, thereby securing a brighter future for our farmers and the textile industry. The LCCI President hoped that the sustainable growth will be continued in cotton sector.