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WTO Meeting for the Year 2011
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The WTO reference Center at LCCI is the second of its kind in Pakistan. Similar Center is already functioning in TDAP, Karachi and another in Ministry of Commerce: Islamabad .

The basic purpose of this joint initiative by the ITC Geneva and LCCI is to create the ground for awareness among the businesses,intelligentsia,students and the policy makers,as the rationalization of the WTO laws is primitive to perpetual trade growth in the post -2005 international economy

Go global thru LCCI WTO Reference Centre

Visit our state-of-the-art WTO Centre, the only centre in Lahore, and learn how to become part of International businesses.

WTO Reference Section

The section has all the documents published by the World Trade Organization including Rules and Regulations, video films and CDs for ready reference.

Computer Based Training

  • Accessing WTO Electronic Information
  • Agreement on Trade in Services
  • Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
  • Agreement on Textiles and Clothing
  • Consolidated Tariff Schedules DB CTS
  • An OECD Tool Kit for Trade Policy  Makers
  • Trade Policy Courses
  • GATT BISD  Basic Instruments and Selected Documents
  • TPR Trade Policy Reviews
  • Toolkit for Negotiators

Market Access Map

Market Access Map is a database of tariffs and market access barriers applied at the bilateral level by 170 importing countries to the products exported by over 200 countries and territories.

Trade Map

An online database of 5,300 products in 224 countries and territories.

Product  Map

It includes market studies, price indicators in certain sectors, links to product information, trade data and links to over 20,000 companies and organizations.