We would like to inform you that USAID SMEA food safety management and Halal Standards training. This training includes only agro-food processing SMEs (such as processors in Meat, dairy, fruit & vegetable, flour mills, daal mills, rice mills, egg processors, confectionery, sugar, spices etc.)

Interested members are requested to contact directly to:
Dr. Zaffar Mehmood  
Associate Professor/Coordinator Food Safety and Quality Management,
School of life Sciences, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University),
Ferozpur Road 54600, Lahore Pakistan
PhD/ Post doc ( The University of Queensland Australia) 
Australian Alumni Excellence Award 2016

Syed Noman Ali

BDS Specialist

Email: nsyed@pakistansmea.com

cell: +92 (317 ) 5489437


Abid Rahman Marwat

CE -Specialist Agribusiness & Processing

Email : abrahman@pakistansmea.com

Cell: +92 (300) 8593898

Tel: +92 (51) 261 7859-60





We would like to inform you that, The Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad. The Ministry further refers to the Pakistan's High Commission in Singapore's letter No. Com-3/2021, dated 18" may, 2021 on the subject cited above.
Pakistan's High Commissioner in Singapore has conveyed that being an island country, Singapore is completely dependent upon imported food consisting of fresh and packaged food resourced from countries across the world. As COV ID-19 has interrupted food supply chains, the country is looking for alternative food sources including Pakistan. Therefore, it presents a golden opportunity for Pakistan to create a niche for our products in the highly competitive market of Singapore, currently dominated by Pakistan's regional competitors. 
In this regard, the Pakistan's High Commission in Singapore has already conducted a webinar on “Pakistan: Agro Food and Tech” in November. 2020. Besides, Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has also hosted a webinar and business matching session titled “Pakistan Food Buyers-Sellers Meet Packaged Food” on 27t May, 2021. Pakistan's High Commission has also proposed to use the platform of Global Connect B2B (GC-B2B), the international arm of SBF, which connects Singaporean businesses with overseas partners digitally and physically. GC-B2B has connected Singaporean businessmen with panners in 24 countries. A large number of companies using this platform are in the food sector. For the time being, GC-B2B is providing onboarding services free of cost. It offers a simple procedure requiring only the companies’ details and images of their products. Further, the Pakistan’ High Commission has also shared the procedures / certification of the Singapore regarding the import of poultry and meat products with the Animal Quarantine Department and the Department of Plant Protection. The same information has also been shared with K&Ns, which has production units in Europe and US, to explore opportunities of exporting its products to Singapore.