Research & Development Department


The Research and Development Department of LCCI was established in 1985, as the focal point for various activities carried out in the Chamber. It was set up in response to a growing need from the business community in the region for up to date information on business and economy, processing the same to facilitate members, and interacting with the government on macro and micro business and economic policies. The Department today enjoys an enviable reputation in the country as one of the leading centre for research and analysis on domestic and international business and economic issues. It is regularly consulted by the government and international agencies on important national and international policy matters. It is involved in extensive research used in nearly every discipline for recommendation and analysis of various national and international policies affecting business, trade and industry.

Mission Statement :

The Mission of R & D Department is to act as the Think Tank and Advocacy Arm of the LCCI;  conducting research on economic issues impacting upon society and environment, enhancing domestic as well as international competitiveness, dissemination of information and training for capacity building of upcoming entrepreneurs. Thereby, being recognized as the premier contributor of policy advocacy, trade, investment, productivity for sustainable economic development in the knowledge based economy by promoting equity and social justice.

Function of the Department:

The R & D Department provides latest useful information, effective guidance and futuristic vision to the business community and the government by way of:

  Managing Standing Committee comprising on various important sectors of economy and industry
  Research Reports, Research Projects
  Federal Budget Proposal
  Trade Policy Proposals
  Trade Delegations
  B2B meetings with foreign delegations
  Arranging Seminars, Workshops, Conferences etc
  Corporate training programs
  Economic Outlook
  Meetings with Foreign Diplomats
  Participation in International Trade Exhibitions
  Arranging meetings to solve issues between stakeholders & government
  Preparing Speech for President
  Providing feedback to members regarding their business queries
  Business Dispute Resolution Committee



  State of Electricity Sector in Pakistan:
This report analyzes the current scenario of electricity in Pakistan from various perspectives i.e. installed generation capacity, shortfall and consumption. It also identifies the major issues being faced by the electricity sector and sheds some light on alternate avenues of generating electricity. The report rounds off by giving short and medium term recommendations for mitigating the energy crisis.
  Overview of Sugar Industry in Pakistan:
This report analyzes the current state of sugar industry in Pakistan in terms of production, consumption, exports/imports and value addition areas in Pakistan. It also focuses on the role of sugar industry in electricity generation and the factors that are critical to its success. In the end, it identifies the major issues faced by the industry and formulates recommendations for its improvement. The current global sugar scenario is also discussed.
  Roadmap for Export Enhancement & Diversification in Pakistan:

This report first presents the detailed break-up of Pakistan exports, followed by the current state of export diversification (product and market), relative to other countries in the region. It then focuses on the obstacles that have been the cause of stifling growth rate of exports. The report concludes by laying down recommendations for enhancing the growth rate of exports and also promoting diversification in exports.

  Unregulated Growth of Industries/Markets in Lahore: An Overview
This report highlights the much neglected issue of unregulated growth of Industries/Markets in the residential areas of Lahore. It highlights the problems caused by unplanned growth of Industries/Markets and the root causes of these problems. It also tells about the laws governing building control and in the end, recommendations (including measures for industrial safety) for the relocation of Industries/markets located in the residential areas of Lahore are also given.


  Branchless Banking- A Window of Economic Freedom for All
  An Overview Of Energy Sector Performance
  Milk an Untapped Treasure
  Pak-Indo Trade
  Writeup Wheat

Wind energy- draft