Research & Development Department

Functions of Research and Development Department


  • Managing Standing Committees on various important sectors of the Economy and Industry.
    • The sector-level issues are discussed in Standing Committee meetings and then taken up with the relevant Government Departments.


  • Range of Research and Development activities
    • Policy Advocacy
    • Research Reports
    • Trade Briefs
    • Presentations
    • Country Profiles and
    • Economic Reform Agendas


  • Compilation of Proposals for the Federal Budget and submitting the same to relevant Government Departments.


  • Liaising with International Development Agencies, Federal & Provincial Government Departments on micro/macroeconomic and sector level issues.


  • Arranging Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Awareness Sessions and Training Programs for the benefit of members.


  • Feedback to the Government on various public policies i.e. Monetary Policy, Budgets, Provincial Growth Strategy, Trade Policy and Industrial Policy etc.


  • Preparing speeches for LCCI Office Bearers.


  • Providing feedback to members regarding their business queries.


  • Highlighting the opportunities for enhancing Bilateral Trade in the meetings with different Foreign Diplomats and other Delegates.


  • Arranging B2B meetings with Foreign Delegations and whenever required otherwise.


  • Resolution of business specific disputes through Mediation Centre.


  • Initiatives for promoting Industry-Academia Linkage.
    • MOUs with leading Academic Institutes
    • Collaboration in organizing Joint Training Programs and Awareness Sessions


  • Apprising members about the immense export potential in African Market through the Africa Desk.


  • Providing information to the members about Export and Import procedures through the Export Facilitation Centre


  • Capacity Building of Women Entrepreneurs through the Women Resource Centre