LCCI Internet Library

The Lcci library is an automated library and established its repute as a Center of Excellence providing authentic and complete information about trade & industry. It has a collection of over 9000 volumes books covering each and every aspect of business and economy. The library is equipped with latest computers having dedicated access to the Internet. The library is being managed by the qualified and dedicated staff who always willing to serve the members. The library is a strictly reference library where one can only consult books or take photocopies of the required material.

Internet Facility:

Free Internet-search facility is available within the library premises for visitors.

Copies of CD-Roms:
Members can also get the copies of various Trade Directories on CD-Rom. List of CDs is available in Library.
Reference Collection:(REF):
The massive collection of the Library contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, Yearbooks, atlases, Annual Reports of official institutions, Economic surveys and gazette notifications etc.

Government Documents:
 The library has been regularly acquiring Government documents like annual and five years plans, budget, census reports, agricultural statistics, economic survey, trade statistics, Import-Export policies, Custom Tariff and other publications by the Government agencies. Documents in this collection are given the designation GD.

Reserch Material:

In order to fulfill the very intensive research needs of its users, library collects research papers, studies, and reports of various national and international organizations like EIP, PIDE, IMF, ILO, WTO, WORLD BANK, COMMONWEALTH, OECD, ITC, CBI, JETRO, APO, ASEAN, TDAP, FAO, IAFD, ADB, ISO, PCSIR, UNCTAD, ADBP, UNIDO, BOI, FES, Pre-Investment Studies, Pre-Feasibility Studies, AIM, SIDA, IFAD.High quality collection is being organized according to Dewey’s Decimal Systems of Classification.

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